Virtual Events

Connect with speakers and network with peers from all around the world when you host a Virtual Event

Whether you need to host a company-wide webinar or an international conference with dozens of vendors, we can host and manage it all from our virtual event platform.

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Why Host a Virtual Event?

Virtual events offer a transformative opportunity to broaden your reach, deepen connections, and develop professionally within the natural health community.

By hosting webinars and conferences using our interactive Virtual Event platform, you can effortlessly share your expertise, latest findings, and holistic practices with a global audience—all from the comfort of your own office or home.

These events not only position you as a thought leader but also enhance client engagement and retention by providing interactive and valuable learning experiences.

Plus, virtual events significantly reduce overhead costs associated with physical venues and travel, making them a cost-effective solution for expanding your professional network and influence.

(If you know of an organization that might benefit from hosting a Virtual Conference, we offer a generous referral fee. Get in touch with us today to learn more)

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How We Run a Virtual Conference

Premier Doug Ford speaking at virtual event

We’ve built an interactive platform for hosting virtual conferences that can significantly enhance the reach and impact of your gatherings. 

Once you provide us with all of the event details, including sponsors, vendors, and speakers, we’ll run a marketing funnel to sell high-priced tickets to your ideal audience.

We customize the various spaces on the platform with your brand and the theme of the conference. Attendees can register and navigate through a user-friendly interface that mimics a physical event venue, complete with stages, breakout rooms, and networking zones.

During the Conference

We take care of everything behind the scenes, so your audience can experience a flawless event! Speakers present live through high-quality video and audio feeds with capabilities for engaging slideshow presentations and real-time Q&A sessions.

Interactive features such as polls, chat boxes, and reaction emojis foster a dynamic communication environment, keeping the audience engaged and involved.

We can even run a leaderboard to promote giveaways and award points for exploration, session attendance, and participation. 

Networking is highly emphasized with features that allow participants to connect one-to-one or in groups through virtual tables and speed networking, mimicking the spontaneous interactions of in-person events.

Vendors and sponsors can have their own custom virtual booth where they can display their products and services. Attendees can submit their contact information with a single click of a button, making it easier than ever to collect warm leads. They can engage and talk with visitors at their booth, just like at a real conference or tradeshow!

Virtual event leaderboard winner
Virtual event leaderboard winner
Session analytics from a virtual conference

After The Conference

Session analytics from a virtual conference

We generate in-depth reports on audience analytics, event performance tracking, and attendee feedback collection, helping you gauge the success of your event and plan future strategies.

The data will tell you what each attendee did during the conference, the booths they visited, the questions they asked, and the amount of time they participated.

Vendors and sponsors are always excited to learn more about the visitors of their booths with tailored analytics reports.

This holistic approach ensures that your virtual conference is not just an event, but a compelling, interactive experience that builds lasting professional relationships and promotes your expertise in the natural health community.

Host to the Canadian Homeopathic Conference

In 2022, the world was shut down, and the Canadian Homeopathic Conference decided to run their first international, virtual conference.

We helped them run a successful conference with hundreds of attendees from across the world, dozens of sponsors and vendors, and world-renowned speakers.

Ready to Host the World's Best Virtual Event?

You can do so much more when you connect with professionals from across the world. Click below to book a Virtual Event Exploration Session.


Our platform is versatile and supports a range of virtual events, including educational webinars, large-scale conferences, workshops, and panel discussions. Each event type can be customized to meet the specific needs of your natural health community.

No, the platform operates entirely within a web browser, requiring no separate downloads or installations. Participants simply need a stable internet connection and a web browser to join from anywhere in the world.

We can comfortably handle events of various sizes, from small workshops to large conferences with thousands of participants. The platform is designed to scale, ensuring a smooth experience regardless of the size of your audience. We usually cap it at 100,000 attendees.

Absolutely! We provide several interactive features to engage your audience, including live Q&As, polls, chat options, and the ability to host breakout sessions. These tools are designed to make the virtual event as interactive and engaging as a physical one.

We prioritize security with end-to-end encryption and compliance with global data protection regulations, ensuring that all discussions and shared information remain confidential and secure.

Yes, we allow you to fully customize the virtual environment with your branding elements. You can add logos, customize the color scheme, and set up branded virtual booths and stages to promote sponsors and reflect your practice and professional identity.

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