About Us

Welcome to IceHound Marketing

We live to track down leads. Through all means of digital marketing, we help small businesses like yours grow in the digital world.

Who We Are

We’re a small pack of digital marketers helping small businesses navigate the digital space.

What We Do

We create and manage each aspect of your digital marketing plan, using an agile philosophy, to beat the competition.

Why We Do It

We exist to generate more leads and revenue for your business, while saving you time and money!

Our History

I founded IceHound Marketing with you in mind—not just your business but the people behind your business. I have nearly a decade of experience in the technology sector. I started my first tech company with older adults in mind. I became Google and Microsoft Certified and began teaching seniors how to get the most out of the latest technology, safely. A few of my clients had a deeper interest in social media and web design, so I began designing websites and helping them with social media campaigns for their hobby businesses.

This led me to a new passion: digital marketing. I decided to learn all I could about digital marketing, leveraging my background in business, philosophy, film, and psychology to apply my skills to the digital marketplace. After learning as much as possible, I decided it was time to gain a deeper understanding and apply my knowledge to real-world situations. I completed the Digital Marketing Apprenticeship Program through the Digital Trades School and Wilfrid Laurier University. It was here that I began to work with local small businesses, helping them grow.

Throughout this experience, I learned one important thing. Most small businesses can’t afford the services of a large digital marketing agency. The high fees eat up any chance of profit from an online marketing campaign. I understand the dire importance of marketing your business online, but what’s the point of online marketing if you can’t make any money? I have reduced fees for local small business owners like you to help you get ahead of the competition. I also understand how much time you put into making your business a success. You sacrifice your personal life with friends and family to keep your business going. Our comprehensive digital marketing plans are designed to free up your time, so you can spend it with those who mean the most.

Our 6-D Process



First, we learn more about your business—your goals, your areas of strength and weakness—during your free consultation. Then we create a comprehensive digital marketing plan to attract more qualified leads for your business.



We use SMART goals to plan our focus throughout each strategy outlined in the discovery stage. These goals act as a constant reminder and compass, pointing us to a successful marketing outcome for your business.



Whether you need a lead generation funnel, new landing pages, or a promotional video, we design everything with your brand and your target customers in mind.



Once we have outlined your goals and designed your areas of need, we begin creating each aspect of your marketing plan. We use the latest tools in landing page design, SEO, video editing, and more to develop your assets.



At this point, we put your digital marketing plan into action. Whether it’s a video, an email campaign, or search engine optimization, we get your business out to the world.



Deploying your strategy isn’t enough. From here, we make sure to deliver. We monitor your metrics and tweak your digital marketing assets until we accomplish your goal to grow your business with new leads, new followers, and more revenue!

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